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Here's the about section about this website, you can get more information of the site here.

Hi, I am a 17 year old from Hong Kong. However due to political instability I have moved to the United Kingdom.

This site acts as me online, it's my digital mark on the internet. Most people these days think that a simple Instagram account or something is their share of the internet. But I think otherwise. A mere instagram account is not enough to show who you are, a website gives you all the personal freedoms you need. And I have struggled with freedom, I know how it's like to have it stripped from you.

Besides the downers, I have an interest in computing or anything technological related, personal fitness and self improvment both physically and mentally. And also music, I play the drums. I also am fluent in both English and Cantonese. English is my first language however.

If you want to keep in touch, you can visit the contact section of my webiste.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun viewing my site!



What do you mean by "political instability"?

Tear gas really hurts you. It's like inhailing wasabi down your lungs.

What's your website themed after?

Usual modern personal websites are themed after either anime or some soydev jacked up resume online. I want none of that, I want my site to be lightweight yet usable. It is intentional to make it simple and minimalist but to also stay true to old web design.

Another reason for the design is it being based on Hong Kong, where I am from. Most of the uniqness of Hong Kong culture is being erased. I do miss home, I often feel nostalgic of how it was back then. Of course going back now it'll never be the same again, but it's good to archive things and to keep it going.

105 Parkes Street 2009 - 2020

126 Ma Tau Wai Road 2009 - 2021

53 Percival Street 2009 - 2019

If not evident, the countless neon street signs are a part of old Hong Kong culture from the late 70's to mid 2010's. They were removed due to safety concerns however make the densely packed streets of Hong Kong look bland and clinical.

Why was the info section removed for a while?

Because this fat man tried stalking me. Don't worry he's homeless now.