A quick introduction

For most of my life say from age 5-15 I was overweight. Hit at my peak when I was 15 that reached 89kg while being 5" 9. At that point I knew I had to change. So I went to see a dietitian (a.k.a 營養師) for a solution. Now (as of writing) I am 64kg and 5" 10 tall. I'd say I've done well, however I am always never perfect.

Before we start

Fat Acceptance


Recently, there is a massive trend of fat acceptance. This is deadly.

Let me tell you this, the people that tell you to lose weight care about you more, over the ones that help reinforce your fat acceptance delusions.

The mentality of people that bully you to lose weight usually have a "tough love" approach to things, after you lose weight you gain their respect. They see you as someone fallen with lots of potential. At least I do.

Picture this. You, dying in a hospital due to cholestrol. Surrounding you are the ones that have promoted your obesity while feeding you slices of cake as you die. Laughing and smiling as they do so.

These people are demons, they aren't your true friends. If they are, get better friends. Trust me.

"I work out everyday and I am still fat"

Your diet is 90% why you are fat. Sure different bodies have different fat levels. But no one is normally above BMI. You can chug 5 Five Guys Oreo Milkshakes and do hours and hours of cardio but the fat is still there. There is a reason to that and I'll explain later. But the main reason why is diet. Please, do not give up. Keep going if you are doing exercise but still fat. I will provide easier solutions.

The Guide

This will be a guide for you to shed lots of weight if you are obease or overweight. Depending on how desperate or severe you are, depending on where you live you'll need to import or find some of these foods in asian markets and such. There's a reason why Asians are skinny remember.


Corn Syrup

I cannot stress this enough. High Fructose Corn-Syrup is enemy number one. What is this you ask?

Corn Syrup is a cheap sugar replacement that started getting implemented into sweet foods in the 80's to cut cost on sugar cane sugar. However not only this is an ultra-processed form of sugar. But once digested into the body, all of the caloric content goes directly into fat. So normally if you injested sugar, you'd get a sugar rush. However corn syrup does nothing for enegry and converts everything into fat.

The reason for people getting energy after a Coca Cola is due to the amount of Caffine of which causes a "rush" due to numbing the brain receptors that make you tired. Thus causing you to have "energy".

Corn syrup is argubly even worse than aspertame. The sweetners found in diet soda. (Still, avoid diet soda for the time being. Drink water)

And you wonder why it causes body shakes and other problems......



Sugar is way worse than fat. It just is. Cut all the Starbucks drinks and sugar and you'll lose loads in seconds.

I had to mention sugar as not all sugars are corn syrup. However corn syrup is so bad, I had to make an entire seperate section for it.

Even after losing weight, you should avoid sugar as much as possible as well.

Saturated and Trans Fats

No oily or deep fried foods. Go for air-fried food. Go have some lean meat and eat "clean". Chicken is a good replacement for most fatty meats like pork or wagyu steak. Just before eating anything, check the label and avoid stuff with lots of trans fats. Trans fats are worse than Saturated fats.

Fats aren't as bad as sugar. After reaching healthy BMI you can eat some fatty foods.


Avoid sauces of any kind. Except for lime juice or balsamic vinegar. Sauces add on the pounds especially those salad dressings.

Same thing with fats.


Either avoid it all together or go for skimmed.

However if there is a milk in your local area that is a "low calorie calcium drink" then go for it. That's what helped me lose weight back in Hong Kong. Mine was Coconut flavoured and it was amazing.

Go back to whole milk after reaching healthy BMI


If you do want to snack on something, have a banana.

You'll eventually stop snacking anyway.

Instant foods

This is more popular in the west, but do not eat microwavables. Actually start cooking and be based. Learn how to cook yourself, it's fun.

Other foods you may want to avoid

Potatos, canned food, processed food in general and foods high in carbohydrates such as white bread.


Just water or soda water. No exceptions for now, not even zero-sugar soda. You can also have black coffee or green tea though.

You can drink diet soda after reaching healthy BMI.

Your Go To Things


You need something rich in fiber, fiber makes you feel full and you excrete most of it out. Your goal is to eat more "clean". Less processed, oily or fatty foods. Go back to natural food.

So for the beginning, knock yourself out by eating Conjac noodles, you can find these in any asian market or Amazon. Eat as much as you want and you'll won't add on the pounds. They got a slight crunch to them and have no flavour, so it's even good for picky eaters.

Mix those noodles with some bean sprouts or some other vegetables and a chicken stock soup base. (Do not drink the soup after finishing your noodles.)

You'd also want a high protein diet. So eat skinless chicken or egg whites too.


My go to drink while losing weight was soda water with lime juice. It's refreshing and makes you feel full. However make it yourself, don't buy Perrier.

You can also have black coffee or green tea though.


Nothing intensive, have long walks or move about more. Do exercise if you want effects to be faster, cardio helps if you want to do it.

Treating Yourself

Set milestones for yourself. For example, every 10kg lost you can have a cheat meal of eating a bit of fatty food (no sugar, stop with sugar).


  1. If you start eating in a calorie deficit. Your body will naturally go back into a healthier weight. Thus working out early on the weight loss process is not necessary
  2. To stop becoming fat again, avoid sugar. After the dieting, you'll natually learn to avoid sugar.
  3. Do not consume soy, it is not a suitable replacement for milk.


Stop sugar intake and lower amount of carbs. Eat more fiber, protein and calcium. Have fatty food in moderation but still avoid foods known to be "fattening" anyway. Start working out in small amounts if you want more results.