What's the Right Operating System for You?

I will specifically go on about computer operating systems and not shitty indian tech phone roms for your little Chinese huawei phone with a processor that couldn't load a JPEG.

Well isn't Windows the obvious choice?

A blurb for Windows

Windows is for everybody. By that I mean if you don't know how to use a computer then stick to Windows. If you are an avid gamer that really doesn't give a shit about anything or just want to run everything outta the box. Windows is good for people that don't know how to use commands or that type of guy that mistakes a VBScipt Trojan for a Text Document. Windows has it's Pros such as it's the most popular operating system out there so anything can run on it. The problem with Windows though (and more specifically Windows 10) is that: It's not freeware, eats up RAM, shoves Microsoft's privacy intrusive cloud services on you, full of bloatware, uses up system storage and over all making everything just slower than it can be.

I don't like my start menu filled with Candy Crush ads just because of a sponsorship. It's literally adware.

Windows is cool if you are fine not being the administrator of the PC you built/bought. Windows is cool if you are fine having ads on your start menu. And Windows is cool if you like Bill Gates.

A rant on Windows Updates

You maybe working on something or playing a very intensive FPS game when all of a sudden Windows just randomly decides to shove down your throat a Windows update that not only could lead to you losing lots of unsaved information but one time made me reset my BIOS because Windows Update decided to go ham on my computer. I hate Windows updates for all that it stands for.

Okay so what about MacOS

You look like this ➔ 🤡

So these Chromebooks are cheap...



Old Windows Systems

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is good if you:

It's honestly not bad but just a lack of application support.

Windows XP

Or specifically Windows XP Service Pack 3 is good for playing early 2000's to mid 2010's games with it being Windows XP it should be very nostalgic to others. There's lots of compatiablity issues but running an old version of Firefox will suffice as a web browser. Don't expect much. Also since it's unsupported, it's very easy to get viruses so be careful.

Windows 7

This is the only Windows version that I standby to say it's the best Windows version simply it's modern and functionable Windows version that's offline and free from pesky updates and spying. SADLY, its unsupported now and I'd only use it till say around 2022 then stop as y'know. Viruses.

The penguin thing called Linux that you have no idea what it is.

now we getting into the good part

Linux is a form of system. And Linux has many to choose from. There's no one Linux out there. They're many different versions made for different needs. Such as Mint or Debian for general use, Ubuntu Servers for servers and Android for phones.


This is the Windows of Linux, the most common and basic form of Linux. Great for newbies and Linux gamers, Ubuntu is a powerful and good operating system that can easily replace Windows 10 and is good for the ever-growing Linux gaming industry. Ubuntu is just good for doing anything in Linux in general. I reccomend if you don't mind minor privacy invasion and just want a very stable Linux system.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is just Ubuntu that looks like Windows and has a cool green accent to it. Good for utility and lighter than Ubuntu.

Arch Linux

Everytime mommy arch updates, it breaks half of my packages.

sudo pacman -Syu



Better version of Arch. Use it if you like Arch and have a life.



OK, in all honesty. What's the best OS to use.

It's all up to you, but my prefered setup is either dual boot with Windows and Linux i.e. Windows on the side; Linux as main. Or just use Linux with Windows running in a virtual machine. The Linux world is a deep rabbithole that I won't go down. All I can say is stick to Debian/Ubuntu based Linux systems because they have more support and closer to Windows.