The compass itself.

Listen, I love doing tests on saying "If I'm a sociopath" or stuff. And sure I scored "Very High" on it but that's besides the point.

I have no idea nor bothered to do any research on how this compass came to be but I first heard about it in 2016 while the Trump vs SJW hype was going on, and ever since then the compass has gradually increased in popularity. Nowadays, there are entire subreddits and Instagram accounts of people making memes and taking like this compass is gospel. Politics in the west is regarded as something very important it seems, we didn't have such things back home in Hong Kong. But as America sneezes and everyone in the west catches the cold. It was brought to my attention while I was in Hong Kong as we are a western oriantated society.

Personal Experience

While in Hong Kong

As stated, my first real taste of politics is back in 2016 while I was 12. The obession of triggering a bunch of SJW's was seen as cool while you'd have Ben Shapiro and Milo on SJW rekt compliations on YouTube. It was cringy, I know. But it was truly a different time.

It was minor hype, I got over it quickly and politics was at the back of my mind. However when 2019 swung around with all the 2019 Hong Kong protests came about, I became pretty involved in Hong Kong politics which is not right or left. But either the Pro Beijing and the Pro Democracy camps battling it out.

Moving to the UK

New Life

Eventually, I moved to the Scotland at the start of 2020. Lockdowns happened, and I started to learn more about life here.

I did join a new school and met lots of the people there. I could see that politics played a major role in peoples lives including the virtue signalling posting on Instagram to just people hating the tories and such. Hell, there was even a subject called Politics!

Later on, I joined a circle of friends that allowed me in, there was one person who was obsessed with this stuff. He asked my quadrant. I didn't know so proceeded to do the test.

Results came in.... I was in the purple.

And everyone freaked out, I'm talking going bananas crazy.

I did realise later on down the line that apparently that meant libertarian? and that equaled to being "right-wing". But to be honest, I didn't really support anyone. It was down to the old values that I grew up with back in Hong Kong. Sure they may seem different to you. However to me it was the norm.

Also to be fair, it was a toxic friend group and I don't expect most friend groups to be like that. Right now I'm doing fine with my Rangers F.C. lads.

Cancel Culture

From my understanding, Scotland is a liberal hellhole. I tried adapting to new views but before I could I was singlehandedly cancelled. I didn't really mind however, they think that they're doing some sort of justice of being a cancel-mob until they start running out of people to cancel so they start cancelling each other. This is basically Progressive Accelerationism

I have been "cancelled" mulitiple times by the same type of people. Sure there were some who were sympatheic and tried minimizing the effects of culture shock, but you'll have the extremists and the LARPer communists running around trying to "bash the fash" (fash as in whatever they dislike).

The Real Danger


What one single test can do to affect someone is deadly. Just because someone is on what part of some vague quiz could already decide your reputation in school. That is a very toxic "Logang v Jake Paul" levels of retardation. Politics has filled the void of religion in a sense where people used to burn witches on the stake, now it's the transphobe or something. Just insert whatever you dislike at the end of that one.

See, I left Hong Kong wanting a free and open society. Sure the illusion of freedom is present, you could doubt your prime minister. But the real thought police are the youth and this heavy emphasis on politics. Usually they're left wing in a sense.

The scarier thing can be seen in this picture. It is evident that you could see that the younger the age group wanting more censorship. This could be down to a multiple of factors:

  1. People in younger generations have taken democracy and the freedom of speech that allows them to share their opinions for granted, thus in their sense. They'd like a world of "free speech without hate speech".
  2. People in the youngest age group in the chart are also the people who would be shaped the most by Social Media whom tend to push a progressive agenda. (Social Media has the effect of Social Control. More about this here.
  3. It's trendy to be progressive, it's not counter-culture.

Real Life Implications

The youth are eventually the future, the future is what they create. From what I can see now, it will be a very bleak future.

As the boomers with that logic and knowledge passed down from former more tougher and freedom loving generations as they had to face off the Nazis back in the 40's.

It is a very real world possibility of people being cancelled out from society down to merely something that barely holds any weight. Your entire fate decided on some vague test that doesn't mean anything. Fired from your job for having some sort of different opinion or past actions and beliefs. It will ultimately cause the downfall of a nation.


People shouldn't be so sensitive. The west itself is a very pampered and childish society nowadays. The generation at present resembles Peter Pan in which they don't want to grow up.

Don't let a test dictate your entire personality. Build it from the ground up.

Secondly, don't make conclusions alone just because of a test online with four squares. Humans are smarter than that.