What is this?

To me, most people are the same. I can recoginize patterns easy and group people into groups. The doctor says it's called "Autism" but I call bullshit. Sure I lack empathy so emotionaltards can't "emotionally connect" with me like it's some new-age human to human bluetooth Bill Gates microchip technology. But that's besides the point.

I hate social media, I hate the taming of the internet and what it stands for. In the past it took people 4 hours to download an MP3 on Limewire and now people send countless 1080p snaps of doing stupid shit for stupid people online. Sure I've sent some autistic voice recordings of me yelling in Chinese, recording my fart as a voice recording as a joke or sending dickpics to horny girls online. But I am a changed man, I have ascended humanity.

Because of this. I, a professional shitposter have come out with a banger of a scientific paper under 5 minutes to show the cultural rot and decay of modern zoomer society. Enjoy.