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Contact Info

Contact me via these methods

Telegram: @syxzszx

Feel free to send a message to me on Telegram.

Email: syxzszx@tutanota.com

Send an email to me if you want, click the mail icon to do so.

*also, do not complain that I don't have PGP for my email, i really cannot be arsed to set it up as email technology wasn't supposed to be private anyways

Social Media

I am not on Reddit, Twitter or any sort of these degenerative platforms. I am on Snapchat, Discord, Instagram and others however I do not advocate the use of them. I only use them as a form of communication of people I know in real life. The sad reality is that zoomers constantly use this stuff and there is no escape.

Things to note

  1. Do not get offended if I don't respond instantly via Email, I don't check it often.
  2. Do not hesitate in contacting me. Honestly.
  3. However if you glow, do not contact me.